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Don't make this mistake trying to sell real estate on your own

Don’t Make This Real Estate Mistake Trying to Save Money on Real Estate Deal

In hot markets, sellers often think about bypassing Realtors to sell a home on their own in order to save commission fees. Many times, that’s a bad idea. Whether it’s due to a lack of negotiating skills, not knowing the market data, relying on faulty information, not knowing the process, or turning off buyers, sellers often leave money on the table.

A friend of mine recently contacted me to ask if he needed a Realtor’s help selling a home he recently inherited.

After walking through the situation with him, he quickly realized that he was about to leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table if he had gone it alone.

This happens a lot — and investors and bargain hunters LOVE an in- or ill-informed seller.

In this short video, Stephen Parker, Realtor in Nashville, Tennessee, walks through the situation and calculations to show why it’s always a good idea to have someone on your side who will advocate for and protect your interests in a real estate transaction.

Stephen will also discuss how some investors or flippers come up with the price they offer, and how they ‘drive for dollars’ to find homes which they might be able to buy under market value.

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