Private Money

One of my favorite real estate investing approaches is private lending. As a private lender, I provide capital to real estate investors for various projects, such as fix and flips, property renovations (rehabs), or acquisitions. This alternative funding method stands in contrast to traditional lending institutions like banks or mortgage companies. How does it work […]

Unlocking the Power of Private Money Loans for Real Estate Investments, Flips & BRRRRs Real estate investing has become an increasingly popular way to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. There are many strategies that real estate investors investors can use, including house hacking, flipping, or using the BRRRR method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). […]

With interest rates at historically low levels in 2021, why are real estate investors more than happy to pay 8%, 12% or even 15% interest for a loan? I’m Stephen Parker and I’m a Realtor and Real Estate investor in Nashville, Tennessee. I post weekly videos about the Nashville real estate market and real estate […]