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Tennessee Titans 2022 Schedule

Tennessee Titans Football Schedules Are Here! As the Official Real Estate Brokerage of The Tennessee Titans, I am proud to be your home team Realtor®! Didn’t get your Titans schedule in the mail? Get in touch with me to get on my VIP list so you too can get all the great stuff I send […]

Duplex Renovation BEFORE/AFTER Walk-Through (Worth It?) Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Stinky Duplex Update! Take look at this duplex renovation! Stephen Parker, real estate agent and investor in Nashville takes you inside his duplex rental property (multi family home) for a property tour with before & after video of a ‘real-world’ BRRRR investment. From a neglected, nicotine-stained duplex with great bones to the best rental in […]

Top 5 Hidden or Unexpected Costs for First-Time Homebuyers

Hidden Costs When Buying a House – Top 5 Unexpected Costs/Fees When Purchasing a House Real estate agent and Realtor Stephen Parker (nashvillesparker) discusses the top 5 hidden fees that buyers come across when purchasing a home. Many first-time homebuyers are surprised at the expenses that go along with buying a home. In this short […]

Buyer Client Testimonial – Stephen Parker Nashville Real Estate Agent

It is cliche, but one of the best things about real estate is the relationships that you build. I had the immense pleasure of helping my friends buy their first home recently. I was reminded multiple times about my first home purchase. It brought back so many memories. Even after almost 25 years, I remember […]

House My Clients Offered On FLOODED !!!!

OK, here’s the situation My clients went away on a week’s vacation and We had a major downpour of heavy precipitation so I Made my way to the house’s location Pulling up there was cause for consternation Opened the door and saw enough water to please a crustacean Called my clients and gave them the […]

Dollar Cost Averaging with Investment Real Estate (WORRIED YOU PAID TOO MUCH FOR A PROPERTY?)

Dollar-cost averaging is a fundamental principle for beginners investing in real estate. Once you understand dollar cost averaging, you’ll never worry about when to buy property and trying to time the market correctly. In today’s real estate market conditions, don’t worry too much about paying too much for a single property. We all want good […]

Report: Homebuyer Competition Easing. What does it mean to buyers & sellers? #shorts

In this Short I’ll tell you about the recent redfin press release regarding a shift in the real estate market. I’ll also tell you if this is good for buyers and sellers and why — all in less than 1 minute. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to hover over the “SP” in the […]

Don’t Let FOMO Dictate Your Real Estate Strategy #realestateinvesting

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to hit the Like and Subscribe button on the YouTube video below! FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a BAD reason to buy or sell real estate. As the saying goes: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” FOMO can drag you away from your real […]

Private Money Loans in 2021: Why Real Estate Investors Don’t Mind 10%+ Interest Rates

With interest rates at historically low levels in 2021, why are real estate investors more than happy to pay 8%, 12% or even 15% interest for a loan? I’m Stephen Parker and I’m a Realtor and Real Estate investor in Nashville, Tennessee. I post weekly videos about the Nashville real estate market and real estate […]

What is a BRRRR in Real Estate Investing? (AKA the BRRRR Method) #youtube #shorts

Follow me on Youtube and Instagram​ What is a BRRRR and how can you use it to build wealth in real estate? Here’s a 1-minute breakdown. There’s a lot more to it, so if you have questions, let me know. Before all the haters get on me, there ARE properties available for $100K — even […]